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Elderly Home Care

Peace of Mind – Continuous Monitoring Devices with AI

- Improved Quality of Care

- Increased Convenience

2AIDATA improves the quality of care in home settings for the elderly by – providing remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices with AI, to homecare doctors and service providers we partner with.

RPM devices continuously monitor the vital signs (heart rates, respiration rates) continuously, and our mobile App will send alerts to both the caregivers and our Care Team when anomalies are detected. Elderly and caregivers can have peace of mind, knowing technology is helping them to monitor their loved ones 24/7.

Our Services
$30 /Per Month

RPM device

The RPM (Murata SCA11H) is attached to a patient’s bed to monitor bed occupancy and movements when a person is lying in bed. The device continuously gathers data through accelerometer sensors and the data is transmitted wirelessly through a Wifi connection to the internet.

Mobile App

  • 1. Alerts/Notifications for anomalies
  • 2. Live Charts
  • 3. Chat that allows enquiries with the Care Team.

We partner with Ninkatec to provide elderly home care to patients. Ninkatec is helmed by experienced doctors and nurses who are able to provide a one-stop service for patients, including doctor/nurse home visits, caregiver services, etc.

Youtube Video (courtesy of Ninkatec YouTube channel)

Particularly beneficial for Dementia and Uncommunicative patients

Based on a person’s bed occupancy and movement patterns, unusual trends may indicate changes in a person’s well-being. For example, one may tend to be in bed more often and move less (or more) when feeling tired or unwell. This is a useful way of monitoring persons who may not be able to communicate their needs, such as those with dementia. Our solution uses AI to analyse the bed sensor data to detect such unusual trends and provides alerts to the family

A use case shared by Dr Choo Wei Chieh on his LinkedIn
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